San Francisco

Beautiful houses in San Francisco San Francisco is an absolutely unique city. Not just some sort of unique, but completely different from any city in the USA.

Despite its short, but rich and striking history, San Francisco rightfully considered one of the most beautiful and matchless cities in the world.

It's no wonder, it made it to the top 10 world's most beautiful cities by Forbes praised for its bridges, parks, hills, cable cars and the natural beauty created by its surrounding water...

Modern San Francisco San Francisco is an ultra-modern city. Not only and not so much because of its architecture, but by its spirit, multinational culture and customs. It also has unparalleled combination of economic, geological, political and military features.

San Francisco knows its rises and falls, tragedies and better times... You will learn all about it during our sightseeing tours and excursions.

On this page, you can brief yourself with the most popular attractions of San Francisco. By all measures this is not exhaustive list, but at least you get some idea...

San Francisco Attractions

Golden Gate Bridge

This bridge is a signature of San Francisco. It connects city of San Francisco to California's northern counties. It is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate Strait, the opening of the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean. Its unforgettable vista and unparalleled design attracts more that 10 million visitors a year.

Golden Gate Park

This is one of the most magnificent and most visited parks in the United States. It hosts plethora of gardens (Japanese Tea Garden and others), museums, beautiful meadows, groves, lakes, windmills and wildlife. The park itself is free to visit during the day, however many popular attractions within the park charge admission fees.

Fine Arts Museums

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco comprises of:
1) de Young in Golden Gate Park, a huge collection of American art and international contemporary art and
2) Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park, a neoclassical edifice overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. It presents an extensive collection of ancient and European art.

Lombard Street

San Francisco's Lombard Street is known to be the crookedest street in the world. It earned its fame for a steep serpentine-shaped one-way section in Russian Hill neighborhood. You must see it in order to comprehend why San Francisco is not for walking tours.

Fishermen's Wharf

This popular tourist destination is not only the place of well-known Pier 39 where you can "shake hands" with Sea Lions, but it features a host of other attractions - Ghirardelli Square with its famous Ghirardelli Chocolate factory, Cannery Shopping Center, the Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Believe-it-or-Not museum, Wax museum, and Musee Mecanique – a huge collection of mechanically operated musical instruments and antique arcade machines.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island (known as "The Rock") is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) offshore from San Francisco. It is widely known as a home to now abandoned high security federal prison for the most dangerous and notorious criminals. A visit to the island includes a tour of the cell house where the prisoners once lived.

Coit Tower

Coit Tower was built in 1933. It is one of the tourists' favorites due to its unique Art Deco architecture and frescoes showing scenes of the San Francisco live. The main magnet for the tourists is the observation deck of this 70-meter tower equipped with an elevator with an astounding view of the city and the Bay. The tower was named after Ms. Lillie Hitchcock Coit who gave third of her fortune for construction of this tower to beautify the city.

China Town

As every large American metropolis, San Francisco has its own Chinatown. In fact, there are four Chinatowns in San Francisco. No wonder, given the fact that Chinese population of San Francisco is the largest outside Asia. The biggest of the Chinese quarters (and the oldest in America) is located near Grant Avenue and Stockton Street. There one can find Chinese shops, restaurants, mini-parks and even Pagoda. You virtually immerse into the Asian micro world...

San Francisco Symphony

A permanent orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, gave its first concerts in 1911, just 5 years after devastating 1906 earthquake and fire, resurrecting the city's cultural life. Nowadays, it has its home at Louise Davies Symphony Hall, an alloy of modernism and engineering that creates a warm and intimate atmosphere allowing music to penetrate to the hearts of the audience.

Contemporary Jewish Museum

First created in 1984, the museum now resides in Yerba Buena Gardens in SoMa (South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco) in an ultra-modern building designed by Daniel Libeskind, an American architect of Polish Jewish descent. The museum shares new perspectives on Jewish live, ideas, history, culture and arts.

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral is the Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of California. This beautiful sacred temple of worship attracts not just local congregation, but numerous pilgrims and tourists from all over the world to their daily and Sunday services. Its renowned music programs include liturgy as well as men and boys choirs. It also offers other cultural events such as visual exhibitions arts and drama performances.

Holy Virgin Cathedral

The Holy Virgin Cathedral of San Francisco is the Russian Orthodox spiritual center of America's West Coast. The cathedral is also knows as Joy of All Who Sorrow in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow". There are two schools operate at the Cathedral: Saint John of SF Orthodox Academy and Saints Cyrill and Methodius Russian High School.

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BART map, San Francisco

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is the main transit train network in the Bay Area. It connects San Francisco with Peninsula and East Bay cities and both regional airports – SFO (San Francisco International Airport) and OAK (Oakland International Airport, via AirBART bus line).

Cable Cars

Cable car in San Francisco

This unusual vehicles still operate the way they were originally designed - with no motor or power of their own. It is very is popular among tourists and locals to get around of San Francisco.

Muni Metro

BART map, San Francisco

Muni Metro is a light rail transportation system which is an engineering hybrid between traditional metro and streetcars.

Buses and Trolleybuses

Buses and Trolleybuses in San Francisco

These are also operated by Muni, the primary transit operator within San Francisco. Its extensive network of bus, trolleybus, streetcar, and cable car lines serve every tourist destination, shopping district, and residential neighborhood located within the City limits.

Mini Cars

Mini hybrid car in San Francisco

If you want to explore San Francisco on your own you can rent out a mini gas/electrical hybrid car from GoCar located at Fisherman's Wharf and Union Square.